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The Best Original Kettle Gryp

Colorize your workout now with this original as seen on Shark Tank product!

With over 5000+ positive reviews and a 4.5 Star rating on Amazon, without a doubt, this is THE BEST Kettlebell Gryp in the market right now!

This is the original, #1 patented, As seen on “Shark Tank” Kettle Gryp. The Kettle Gryp turns your dumbbells into a kettlebell in a snap. Literally! Let me show you how.

Features of The Kettle Gryp

  • The Kettle Gryp turns your dumbells into a kettlebell. Simply open the handle hinge, place your dumbbell into the grip, close the handle and snap the latch. Super easy! And now your workouts just got enhanced. The only limit is you have to have your own dumbbells.

  • The Kettle Gryp is less than a pound so it easily packs into your gym bag or carry on for use in any gym or hotel gym wherever you travel.

  • The Kettle Gryp is made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, urethane foam, and stainless steel with a non-slip grip. This is very durable and strong and it can carry a maximum dumbbell weight of 55 lbs! These however do not fit some neoprene-coated dumbbells so just keep that in mind.

  • The Kettle Gryp is also adaptable which means you can quickly transfer weights quickly in a snap.

  • The Kettle Gryp is economical in that it isn’t too expensive and you can use it with your current dumbbell set expanding your workouts without expanding your footprints of kettlebells.

  • The original Kettle Gryp comes in 2 colors: Black and Orange.

Overall, the Kettle Gryp is an extremely versatile and affordable piece of equipment that can help you take your workouts to the next level. Whether you're looking to add some variety to your routine or simply want a more compact way to travel with your weights. The Kettle Gryp is definitely worth checking out!

Colorize and Expand your dumbbell system with The Best Kettle Gryp in the market now!


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