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Gymenist Jogging/Walking Hand Dumbbell

Colorize your WALKING and JOGGING now with these dumbbells from Gymenist!

Are you looking for the best hand weights for jogging? Check out these hand weights from Gymenist!

With over hundreds of positive reviews and a 4.8 Star rating, it's no mistake that these are the perfect hand weights for walking, jogging and aerobic exercises. Many say that these are the best weights for people recovering in surgery and stroke, for people who are just getting back into shape, severe arthritis, for the older population, and even for Physical therapy exercises.

The GYMENIST Hand-shaped weights come in a pair of (2) dumbbells and you can choose between 5 colors representing its weight.

The hand weights range from 1lb to 5 lbs:

1 lb Pink, 2 lbs Purple, 3 lbs Lime Green, 4 lbs for Red, and 5 lbs for Blue.

These hand weights are simply great for arm and shoulder resistance. They are made of a neoprene finish with a cut out shape for the fingers. One should keep in mind that in order to hold this correctly, one should properly place the fingers inside the cut out. If you do have big hands, the grip might feel a little cramped. These aren’t just cute, they are easy and comfortable to hold because of the soft neoprene lining. Since these dumbbells vary in weight, they can provide a great workout at home, while traveling, or anywhere. I love the convenience of these weights because I can just pick them up and go!

Colorize your WALKING and JOGGING now with these dumbbells from Gymenist


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